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Ghost In The Fog


request: An Andy Biersack imagine would be greatly appreciated! Something preferably with angst and sadness… maybe involving a car accident with Andy and the reader? Memory loss? Death? Severe injury? I don’t know, just something really upsetting please 😊 I don’t know why, but I’m in the mood for…


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Pierce the Veil - A Flair for the Dramatic

album cover (my) animation 

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The One Where He Leaves For A Long Time (Alex Gaskarth)



A/N: Can you do one where your Alex Gaskarth’s Girlfriend and you find out your pregnant with his baby then he yells and stuff then leaves? Then a year later he comes back and apologises for leaving? Lots of fluff at the end.   ( I changed it up a little so it would make more sense, hope that’s okay.)


   I woke up feeling sick, just like in this past days. My boyfriend Alex had left already, he had a band rehearsal, the new tour would begin the next day and would last six months, and soon after that they would start another one that would last the same. I knew I would only see him during the break from tour, and being apart for so long kills me, but there’s nothing better then the feeling of having him always coming back to me in the end.
   My sickness was worrying me, so since Alex wasn’t home yet, I took a pregnancy test. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the result was positive, but that didn’t stop me to freak out. How I’m supposed to tell him ? What if he leaves me ?


I got home after rehearsal and found (Y/N) lying in the couch, her eyes swollen. She been crying.

"Hey babe, what happened? Is everything alright ?"
"Alex, we need to talk… I’m pregnant"

I was in panic. I wasn’t ready to be a dad. I was about to leave for tour, (Y/N) couldn’t be pregnant. I couldn’t believe it.


Alex grabbed his stuff and said he was going to stay in Jack’s place for the night, this way it was easier for the band to leave in the morning. But I knew he was just running away from this. I could see in his eyes how terrified he was. And now he was leaving, and I didn’t knew If this time, he would be back.

———5 days later———

   It was late in the night, I was in bed, my laptop on my lap, just wasting time on tumblr, when my phone rang. It was Alex, I haven’t heard from him since our argument. We spent a few minutes talking and he said he couldn’t see me in between the tours, because he wouldn’t have time since new dates were added. But financially he would help me, and he was sorry for his reaction.
   So that was it, I was alone for a whole year, about to be a mom.

———-1 year later———

   Me and my now 3 months old daughter, Megan were getting ready (well, I was getting her ready). I took my purse and my keys and we left.
Today is a special day, Alex is coming back home after his endless tour. Things were good between us, we kept in touch all the time he was away and I kept him in track of what was going on with Megan.
   When what was happening hit him, his attitude changed, now all he wants is hold her in his arms.
   We got to the airport, and soon after Alex got there. He smiled as he saw us from afar and ran towards us. He kissed us and picked up Megan. His eyes were shining as he looked at her.
   We got back home, Megan fell asleep in the way there.
I placed her in the middle of the bed, lying by her side, as Alex lay in her other side, holding my hand, with our baby girl between us.

"(Y/N), I’m so sorry for how I reacted before, and how I left… It kills me. I must have been so hard for you, alone with our baby"
"It’s okay love, you are here now, that’s what matters. You are still part of all of this, and you will always gonna be."
"I want to be the best dad in the world for our baby girl"
"And you will be. You haven’t lost the best moments, her crawling, the first teeth, the first word, the first step… We will see all of this together, and be the best parents we can be"
"I love you two so much"
"I know honey"

He gave me a peck on the lips, and kissed Megan’s cheek, and we fell asleep. All of us together, finally. Now everything seems right.



Motionless In White + Music Videos


Motionless In White have released a new music video for their single “ Reincarnate.” The video was taken from the album ‘Reincarnate’ via Fearless Records

Available now in online stores: http://smarturl.it/miwreincarnate